My Mister

June is an interesting month. It usually sneaks right up on me and then I sit in amazement that half the year is already gone. In addition to pre-ordering next year’s calendar I also have to figure out how to help my husband celebrate Father’s Day. Now truthfully, we are still kind of new at celebrating this holiday I mean our oldest just turned four. But in four years, I have had a hard time trying to make sure my husband feels as special as he makes me feel on Mother’s Day.

I mean as far as fathers and husbands go, he’s the best. When I’m not teaching he’s the first up, so he makes my daughter breakfast. When I am teaching he gets her dressed and takes her to school. He helps with meals and tries to make most of our outings and never goes kicking and screaming, but with a smile. He even does the laundry okay maybe it started out of desperation, but this works for us. For the most part bath time is a family affair. He washes one, while I wash one. He dresses one, while I dress one. He reads to one, while I read to one. Then we pray together he puts one down while I put one down. In fact, even when he has to work late he calls and joins us for prayer.

Now, I know some of you guys are like…what. Yup, this is my normal. This is my husband and this is Morgan and Garrett’s daddy. The slightest deviation in our schedule and I am bombarded with questions about his whereabouts. Truthfully, my son will take me, but he definitely prefers his daddy and I’m okay with that. Having said all that, Father’s Day is a big deal.

But my husband is also a live for today kind of guy. So he’s almost impossible to shop for. He likes what he likes and if he sees something he likes, he buys it. No waiting list of “wants.” So as unceremonious as it sounds, usually I just ask him what he wants. This year his request was a gift certificate to Banana Republic and although I obliged, it just doesn’t seem to be enough.

I mean how can a card or a gift certificate truly let him know how appreciated, valued and loved he is? How can a gift or a day solidify his importance in our lives? The answer is it can’t, but hopefully our effort at least lets him know we see him and we indeed can vouch for one of his favorite sayings that “Real Black Fathers Do Exist.”

Thank you Garrett Taylor for being a shining example in our home and for all to see what your definition of a daddy is. I’m mighty glad to be your wife and Blessed to be the mother of your children. Father is the title you were given at the hospital, but daddy shows up and shows out everyday in our children’s lives; that’s a title you’ve earned.