Runway Diva

The last few weeks are all a blur. My baby girl, my mini-me is more like me than not and I guess that’s why she has little to no fear about jamming every available extracurricular activity on both of our schedules. Since it’s hard to teach an old dame new tricks I already had an overextended calendar of my own. But she saw a flyer for a local pageant and immediately wanted in and a friend of mine was volunteering for a fashion show and again she was eager to sign up.

Now understand although she has never wavered from her desire to be “in the TV” she has no formal training. Other than ballet classes for the last few years she’s just observed and at just 4-years-old, I am certainly not pressed. In fact, I have a lot of admiration for her being able to articulate one of her goals, but a TON of apprehension about her going full steam ahead into “the industry.” An industry filled with the child exploitation and a host of other undesirables.  I know, I know how did I go from her competing in a toddler pageant and volunteering in a local fashion show to her being in “the industry?” Easy because we have so much favor over our lives that I have no doubt if we pursue it….it will be. So I did what every momma is drawn to do upon first learning you are carrying a life…. I prayed. I prayed for guidance, the spirit of discernment and patience among other things. 

When she arrived for her very first fashion show rehearsal, she was the youngest in attendance and obviously intimidated. I thought to myself; yes, my prayers have been answered and I tried my best to back out gracefully. “Morgan, you don’t have to do this. If you are uncomfortable and not ready we can easily walk away right now, it’s not a problem. Do you want to leave? I asked and she replied “no,” adamantly. “Well, mommy will love you no matter what,” I said convincingly. “If you want, we can just buy tickets and watch the fashion show,” I continued. “No mommy, I just want to watch for a while, but I want to do this. I don’t want to leave. I can do this,” she said talking to herself out loud.

 With a crew full of angels and the support of a great self-esteem building fashion show coach she was prancing down the runway within minutes. She did it, and she knew it and from that moment on, she was determined to prove she belonged. I can’t lie, I was impressed and I was also very proud, not by her attempt to sashay, but at her tenacious attitude and unwavering spirit. Her ability to work through fear will undoubtedly pay off and I am just prayerful the good Lord will see fit to keep me around long enough to see it.

The night of the fashion show was like many of her milestone moments, full of family and friends, some of whom drove for over 50 miles after working all day to watch her debut. I am hopeful she never takes that kind of support system or people for granted and I am hopeful she will be better and do better than I ever could. Congratulations Morgan on your first “official” fashion show, now if I can just make it through this toddler pageant.