God Sent Godparents

I can’t believe we are so old that we have found ourselves making preparations to attend our 20th high school reunion. My husband was first up this past weekend and our attendance was not an option, but childcare was another story. When we just had Morgan, we had a handful of people that could keep her for us overnight, but two babies changes things. There are very few people that can and are willing to take two babies. Now don’t get me wrong, both of us are blessed to have our parents close and that really comes in handy. Ain’t nothing like grandparent. But we are especially blessed because we also have chosen the most awesome Godparents in the world.

When we were pregnant with our firstborn we spent what seemed like months pondering Godparents. First we had to decide if we wanted traditional Godparents, or if our choices would be in title only?

The Encyclopedia Britannica describes a Godparent as “a person or persons that make a profession of faith for the child being baptized and assume an obligation to serve as proxies for the parents if they are either unable or neglect to provide for the religious training of a child.”

Well, I guess we settled on somewhere in between. We wanted them to be an extension of our family. We wanted our children to feel comfortable with them. They had to have similar values and philosophies on child-rearing.  We didn’t want to be a burden and we preferred a married a couple. We talked about it, prayed about it and made a multitude of lists to determine a good fit and then we had to hope they agreed.

We decided on Lamont and Shelby. Lamont is my husband’s first cousin and his wife Shelby was an awesome supporter throughout my infertility journey. She is more than a cousin-in-law, she is a soror and a dear friend. The two of them were high school sweethearts and have been married for 16 years. They have a set of six-year-old twin boys, so they are being hazed just like us. They live about 2-hours away and we absolutely love their company. We were grateful they agreed with Morgan and we were hesitant to ask them for Baby G; Godparents for TWO babies. What nerve, right, well we asked and they agreed.

Morgan calls their boys her brothers. She has spent weeks at a time during the summer at their home and is just as comfortable there as she is at our house. She loves them and they love her.

A few weeks ago, Morgan reminded me that she had not seen her God-brothers in awhile and she was SURE they missed her. So my husband’s class reunion provided us a great opportunity for them to reconnect. It was the first time they have had both babies overnight and it was confirmation that we made a great choice.

When we arrived, as always they met us in the driveway to help us unload. They had purchased a crib for baby G to use when at their home and they had gone to the grocery store to get all their favorite fruits and organic milk. The boys pulled out their sleeping bags and left a special place for Morgan’s right in between them on their floor and the list goes on and on.

I left their home on Sunday grateful. I am grateful they love our children as they love their own. I am grateful they open their homes and their hearts whenever we need them. I am grateful so very grateful that they said “yes” when we asked them to be the Godparents of our children, clearly they are Godsends.