Ripple Effect of Kindness

Corrie ten Boom said “Every experience God gives us….is the perfect preparation for the future only He can see.”

I took my babies to Walmart today for a budgeting exercise. In short, they wanted out of the house and to spend money. They have a monthly stipend for such excursions. It’s amazing how selective they are on choosing items, when it’s their money versus ours. When we got to the checkout, there was a Caucasian woman, her mom and two kids in front of us. When it was time for them to pay, it exceeded what was available on her card. She immediately removed a box of pop tarts to deduct from the bill. She then rummaged through her bags trying to figure out what else to put back. Her daughter, who looked the same age as mine looked but didn’t say anything. I tried to think back to what I’d seen on the conveyor belt. It was nothing crazy. I remembered seeing a family pack of hamburger and a loaf of bread.

I then interjected and told her to pay what she could and I would pay the rest. She asked me if I was sure. I re-assured her I was solid in my decision and then asked the cashier to give her babies their pop tarts back. And before someone says, that was a want and not a need. My children like pop tarts and so do a lot of other folks I know. She said “ma’am I only have $100 on my EBT card and the bill is $142.” I replied “that’s fine.” The mom and the grandma cried and hugged me and asked if they could ever repay me. I told them not with money, but I have no doubt her children would one day be in a position to do the same for someone else.

Her son who was slightly older than his sister asked the mom why she was crying. She didn’t respond. The grandma made sure to tell me how God would bless me. Little did she know how very Blessed I am already.

See, I didn’t help her to expedite her transaction. I didn’t help her for blog content. I helped her because I remember being in that very spot as a child and my mom having to make tough choices at the register. I remember being embarrassed and wanting to cry. I remember how hard I know my mom worked at two-part time jobs trying to provide for me and my brother on her own and thinking people would make a snap judgment about her at the register. They’d assume she didn’t work. They’d assume she was lazy. They’d assume a whole lot of stuff that just wasn’t true. So, I helped her because I wanted to grant this woman’s children a little relief. I helped her because it was an opportunity for me to sow a seed in her children.

Little did I know that one act of kindness would have such a ripple effect. See, my children were also watching. When we got to the car Morgan said “mom, you are a really nice person. That was an awesome thing to do.” In that moment I shared with them how I felt as a child in that same predicament and how important it is for us to help others when we can and to not take our Blessings for granted but use them to help uplift people. I gave my children a charge and reminded them that whom much is given, much is also required (Luke 12:48).

I’m mighty grateful for ALL of my experiences, both good and not so good and I’m grateful for moments that remind me of God’s goodness and His perfect timing.

“Every experience God gives us….is the perfect preparation for the future only He can see.”



God’s Sick Day

mommy daughter prayer

If it’s true that the squeaky wheel gets the oil then now I know how come I am so Blessed. I am a squeaker. I pray about everything. Lord, thank you for the air I breathe. Lord, thank you for hot water and lights. I must call His name fifty times a day. So imagine my daily prayers for my children, oh they are quite lengthy. But included in the long list of personal requests has always been for them to have their very own personal relationship with God. Since they were born, I prayed each night that they would hear and feel God speaking and leading them each day. That they will feel comfortable calling on Him whenever and wherever they like and need to.

Tonight, He gave me confirmation of my prayers. During our last cuddle of the night Morgan whispered to me “Mommy, I don’t think God was feeling well today.” I respond with a slight chuckle and ask her why she would think that. “I think He’s sick because I didn’t hear Him talk to me all day today.” Since we haven’t spoken about her daily talks with God I was a bit surprised, but mighty happy. Hallelujah He heard my prayer.

“Morgan, God doesn’t get sick. He’s God, but are you sure you didn’t hear God all day?” I ask. “Nope, nothing all day,” she says. “Well what about when you had those scissors and was just about to cut one of daddy’s suits?” I ask. “You didn’t hear God telling you that’s not a good idea?”

She chuckles and says “yes, but it was just a whisper so I couldn’t really hear it that well.” So I remind her that God doesn’t need to speak loud, but we certainly have to be willing to be good listeners if we intend to hear what He has to say. I then have a flashback of earlier that afternoon and thank God for His timing because had I walked down the hall 30 seconds later, my husband’s blazer would have needed some serious repair.

So no, I don’t go to church every Sunday and I don’t go around quoting scriptures, but I have my very own personal relationship with God. I believe in prayer and depending on how tough my mommy day is, I may hit my knees for more patience several times, sometimes back to back. I am always glad of His immediate response and the older my children get the more I am reminded of the power of a praying mother.

Pray for your children. Pray for their safety, for their values and their morals. Pray for their spirit and for their talents. Pray for their emotional, physical and mental wellbeing. Pray for their relationships with you, their family and friends and with Him.  Pray that they hear Him, feel Him and allow Him to guide them in their decisions. Pray they don’t forget the lessons you try to teach them. If you don’t do anything else, pray, pray, pray.