Got an App for That?

In our family, my husband is the techie. He owns everything Apple, researches latest gadgets, has bought endless stuff with his Best Buy rewards points and has a wish list on as long as his arm. Needless to say when he brought my shiny new iPhone 5 home last week one of his first question was “which Apps do you want.” Now I have to explain that we are polar opposites with this kind of stuff. If I could get away with a flip phone that just answers and makes calls, I would. So my response to his question about Apps was the same its been for the last two iPhones I had….no thanks.

I mean there are few that grab my attention, like the keyring one and the coupon one. Anything that can help cut down on coupon clipping or the amount of junk in my purse, is a winner. But you won’t find screen after screen full of Apps on my phone that is unless they came up with some special mommy Apps.

So here’s a free list of mommy ideas for App developers. Wouldn’t it be cool if we had an App that could tell you if your child was really sick or the mysterious stomachache was a cry for attention? How about an App to tell you if they remembered to flush, wipe their butt and wash their hands after using the bathroom? Or how about an App to automatically mute senseless whining or one that would zap them every time they started to back talk? How about an App to tell you what “really” happened in school that day? Or an App that would tell you when their new favorite food has changed before you stock up on the old one?

Now don’t get me wrong, there’s some cool stuff out there right now, is an excellent website and blog about educational child Apps and it’s always nice to have one or two entertainment devices to keep them occupied in a waiting room.

But what about an App to tell you how long they will nap that day or if they had enough to eat? How about an App to tell you when to change out the bath toys before they fill with yucky black stuff that floats in the water?

Oh and I didn’t forget my parents of older babies. How about an App to tell you if they are lying about the teacher not giving homework?  Or and App to help you teach them to drive without freaking out, since you remember how awful they steered their big wheels. Oh, I got it how about an App to constantly remind them of your words of wisdom before they made major decisions? Or an App to zap them when they do a mediocre job completing their chores? Can you think of any others?

I’m thinking our moms out there can come up with some great App ideas to help with the awesome job of parenting. So if Apple wants to make Apps we can’t live without, why don’t they come talk to some mothers?