Gymnastics wins too


After almost three years in ballet, I was just getting in the groove of being a dancer mom and now she wants to throw me a curve ball. Okay so not exactly softball yet, but my soon to be 5 year old begged and begged to try gymnastics. The more she begged the more I suggested she make a choice, mommy’s schedule and state of mind just can’t handle too many extracurricular activities. “But mommy how can I choose when I’ve never taken gymnastics?”

So she won that round, can’t really argue with that type of logic and I decided to try a mini course with Parks and Recreation to test the waters. My first mistake was thinking classes were once per week, I thought it was just Mondays, but I stopped reading too soon because classes were actually Mondays AND Wednesdays and ballet on Tuesdays. Yikes….

But I kept telling myself, it was only for a few weeks and we would make a decision at the end of the cycle. So we trudged along. Perhaps I missed the clues at the end of the first class when another mom politely asked if she had taken private lessons, “she’s good,” she said, to which I simply replied “thank you.”

In true Morgan fashion, she showed up and showed out in every class. She loved it, she learned quick and practiced at home. To my chagrin, she even showed her 2-year-old brother how to do a front roll. Is that even the right term?

After two and half months it was finally time for the last class. I can’t say I was sad to see it leave the weekly schedule, but I was surprised at how much she enjoyed it, and frankly how much she learned in such a short period of time. She was excited because the last class meant mommy got to stay and watch. Yay…(total sarcasm), no quick stop to the post office or the grocery store for me.

But my nonchalant attitude quickly subsided as soon as she stepped on the balance beam. She was focused, poised, and happy and I was proud. She followed instructions and paid attention. Before long, I was pulling out my iPhone taking pictures and short videos to show daddy at dinner. When she finished her instructors gave her a hug and then asked the all so important question “is Morgan going to join us for the next cycle?” “There’s another class” Morgan asked? “Oh, can I mommy, please, please, please?”

And then I said it….”we’ll see.” To her, that meant yes and she skipped all the way back to the car as if she knew something that I don’t. I mean, what’s a poor momma to do? Three days a week with extracurricular activities is a bit much and I am sure her brother will join the calendar intrusion by summer’s end. All I can say is…. “Ain’t nobody got time for that.” See ya’ll at gymnastics in the Spring.



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