She Did it Again

I can’t remember a time I was really into arts and crafts. In fact, I am artistically challenged, never could really draw a straight line and never cared to. I figure they have rulers for that and people that have an eye and talent for that sort of thing. So imagine my excitement when my daughter was given a birthday gift certificate to go to accidental artist. Now for those who live outside the area, accidental artist is a paint your own pottery kind of place.  We visited once last year for a child birthday party and I thought it cute that she got to make a commemorative plate with her name on it that she proudly displays in her bedroom.

But the game changes when you ask me to go draw something, or paint something or sit and watch her paint something. Needless to say, I was not excited, but she was. After a calendar mixup with the summer movie series I decided to suck it up and let her go. I had no idea how long it would take, so I made sure to have my iPad so I could check some emails or play a game of Ruzzle or something. Okay more the later than work, but don’t judge me.

When we got there, it took her 10 minutes to choose what pottery she wanted. I was rooting for the “I love daddy” mug but it lost to a 4” princess. She offered to paint both, but I just kept saying “we don’t have time for that.” Her attendant was pleasant and obviously used to dealing with children, but probably found my un-amused demeanor a little insulting. When she asked me if I was painting too, I gave a quick no and took my seat.

Morgan followed her instructions like a pro. It never seizes to amaze me how she can listen to everyone else except her momma. During her small talk while painting she reminded me that I don’t know how to paint, but she does. “I paint all the time in school,” she said. But as I watched her and her mood was lifted I found myself giving her some advice about colors and patterns and she quickly reminded me that it was her project and “I got this,” she said. Besides her telling me to mind my business, I also noticed that this was a whole day project. With that, I decided to get some business of my own and paint the “I love daddy” mug on behalf of my absent soon to be 2-year-old, just in time for Father’s Day.

Since I paid attention to her, I pretty much knew what to do and started painting. Then something amazing happened, I liked it. I mean, I was having a blast. I started thinking about all the cool stuff I can make and how therapeutic it was to be shut off from the world and concentrating on something totally different. Unlike her, I did let her help with my project, I mean after all it was from the kids.

So two and half hours later, I walked out happy and with a new found interest. I booked a ladies night party for a few of my friends there and smiled at the thought that after 30 plus years of living (gotta keep some secrets) my 4-year-old daughter once again taught me something about myself.



4 thoughts on “She Did it Again

  1. This is sooooo incredibly sweet, Di!! Love it!!! Isn’t it amazing how as adults, we think we know it all… and have everything figured out…. We know what we like and don’t like….. but the innocence and wide-eyed interest of a child can teach us something new about ourselves every day; if we let it….. Bravo my sister!! Wish I could be there for the girls night!

  2. I love that you can admit that there are some aspects of parenting that seem not so fun….people can sometimes look at you funny if you don’t say anything other than you just love, love, love parenting!!! Thank you for being honest, thank you for being open to new experiences, thank you for sharing…..(don’t you love my dots!!!!!)

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