I’m not quite sure when the term BFF (Best Friends Forever) became popular. But I do know that is wasn’t around when I was a kid. If it were, my clear choice would have been Robyn Lewis. We met the first day of 7th grade and were thick as fleas until we went separate ways after graduating high school. She went to serve our country and I went to Morgan State University. I remember all our escapades and our secrets and more than anything I remember always thinking that my home girl had my back. I had an awesome BFF and I that’s why I am so delighted that my daughter’s BFF is also her cousin.

We call them the M&M twins even though they are three months apart. Maekinzi is the oldest and was one of the first to kiss Morgan when she was born. They are first cousins and live about an hour away from each other. In toddler distance, that’s the same as being on different coasts, but they see each other at least once a week. We have pictures of pregnant mommies bumping bellies and although their kinship was staged, their special bond could not have been orchestrated.

Neither mommy is big on sleepovers, but we made an exception it being summer vacation and all. And last weekend the M&M twins were together again in an epic weekend that included Maekinzi’s teenage sister Krista to boot. So what do you do with a houseful of women? Go shopping of course. Thanks to daddy, we had a chauffer and a credit card. The first stop resulted in matching outfits, but a mall trip with little ladies just wouldn’t be right without a stop in Claire’s. Where else can they shop to their hearts desire for earrings, lip gloss and accessories?

But to my surprise it’s none of those things that catches Morgan’s eye. It’s a shelf of necklaces engraved with the letters BFF. “Mommy what’s that say,” she asks. “It says BFF, which means Best Friends Forever,” I reply. “You keep one and you give one to your best friend.” She screams with her outside voice “That’s what I want. Maekinzi, Maekinzi, look what we’re getting. It says BFF.” Now Maekinzi is a true friend because she is happy whenever Morgan is happy no matter what. It takes them just a minute to decide who is getting what color and they make me put them on right outside the store and I thought that was the last of it.

Well tonight she asked to call her BFF and after a quick update and a twinkle, twinkle little star duet Morgan feels the need to remind her of the status of their relationship. “Maekinzi you know we were friends for like a long time,” she says. “We were best friends even in our mommies bellies.” Maekinzi assuredly replies, “I know.” “Well that’s why we will be friends forever even if we have other friends, we are first best friends,” Morgan says with a smile. Maekinzi knows she’s smiling and giggles heavily with love and I begin to smile because I believe them.



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