Fit for a Princess

About six months ago my then 3 year-old daughter asked to bring in birthday number 4 with a princess theme and real princesses in tow.  At the time, I remember thinking what a tall order. Where in the world am I suppose to find real princesses? So me and my small circle of friends accepted the personal challenge and got to work. Then, after visiting a skating rink, my little princess changed her mind and the theme. She wanted to skate and wanted all her friends to skate too.

So on Saturday, March 30, 2013 we went skating to help Morgan celebrate her 4th birthday; all 42 of us. Yes, you heard me right 42 people drove at least 20 miles from several different directions to meet us at a small town skating rink. Luckily, it was a holiday weekend and not overcrowded.

I think the owners figured out real quick that we were used to beating to our own drum. We didn’t use their birthday décor, we brought our own, including plates and flatware. We didn’t use their cake and ice cream…we brought our own. We didn’t even let them serve the food; we had our own servers. We have routines. We like things a certain way and I am grateful to have friends that always help me execute those ideas.

Yes it’s true her birthday is a production and what is a production without a crew?

So I have a few special shout outs: Many thanks to my husband and “the best daddy in the world” for designing the buttons for her guests and writing the necessary checks; my sister and Morgan’s personal hair stylist and auntie for hooking up the rainbow beads and cornrows; my cousin, soror, friend, photographer extraordinaire and Morgan’s Godmother for designing the special cake toppers; my cousin, friend and sudo-auntie for picking up cupcakes at two different locations and my friend and sudo-auntie for staying up all night to design and make labels, buttons, gift bags and everything else.

Yes, the crew was fabulous, but so were the guests. At least three babies left kicking and screaming against their wills. As a fellow mommy, I feel for you guys, but as a party host…that was one heck of a shindig.

And after countless hours and hundreds of dollars the entire fiasco was summed up by her two-second birthday wish as she blew out the candle “I just want to say thank you God, I have the best mommy and daddy in the world.” Is that even a wish? Well, with that said, she is either the sweetest baby in the world and we are blessed to have her OR we are entirely gullible and she has us right where she wants us. Either way, that’s one more birthday for the books and as soon as I recover it’ll be time to gear up for Garrett’s birthday in July.

4th Birthday wish

4th Birthday wish


3 thoughts on “Fit for a Princess

  1. This is such a beautiful story it brought tears to my eyes…our children are the most precious blessings that God could give to us. Out of the mouths of babes…..only truth is seen in their eyes. You are truly blessed to have a wonderful husband, family and friends that support you. Stay Blesses my sister.

    • Oh thank you Ms. Flo, wit yo baaaad self. I am so glad you stopped through to take a peek into my life. I am truly grateful for all my Blessings. God is GOOOD. Much Love, I’m trying to look as fabulous as you when I grow up. LOL

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