How Disgusting

So as most of you are aware, I have a pretty predictable nighttime routine with my children. I won’t bore you with the details again. Just suffice it to say, same time, same routine to get ready for bed. A part of the routine is them taking a bath together. Since they are so young, dual bath time makes it easier for me and hubby to wash them up. I am happy to report we have managed to duck embarrassing conversations about differing genitalia thus far, but it would not have caught me off guard.

A few nights ago they were both chilling in a warm bath full of fresh bubbles and playing with an eclectic mix of toys including Thomas the Train and a plastic tea set. They usually play for a while before we get down to business. At almost 20-months old Garrett has his own toys and his own bath time agenda. I’m still trying to figure out why their Godmother, my friend felt the need to provide bath time markers for unique artwork I end up washing off the tube tile every night.

Morgan is a piece of work, she doesn’t mind her brother intruding on her bath time, but insists that he cannot use any of her toys. That never works out in her favor and them fussing and fighting over a toy usually is my cue its time to wash up the babies, drain the water, pick up toys, clean the tub and prep for the next night.

On this particular night they hadn’t been in there long before I heard Morgan screaming my name. “Mommy, Mommy, please get me out of here,” she said. “That is disgusting BaBa.” So before I can respond, I pause at her use of the word disgusting. I was proud of her pronunciation too. When I ask her to explain the problem she emphatically says that Garrett has pooped in the tub.

Now, I have to say that my son has never pooped in the tub, so I had my doubts about her observation. “How do you know its poop?” I ask from the next room over. “I know what poop looks like,” she said and “this is poop.” I chuckle at her response and my husband beats me to the bathroom.

Apparently it didn’t take him long to figure it out either, so it was definitely poop. As he is removing babies from the contaminated water he asks Garrett why he pooped in the tub and Garrett looks at him straight in the eye and says “huh.” So my husband repeats himself and reminds Garrett that he is not suppose to poop in the tub. By the time I arrive on the scene, babies are out and water is being drained and of course, I am left with the mommy job of clean up.

When I look at Garrett, he looks at me and inaudibly mumbles, “what’s the big deal.” He can’t for the life of him understand why everyone has cleared the room and his sister is yelling to the top of her lungs as she heads for the bathroom in our room to finish her routine at how disgusting he is.

As I am preparing for clean up, I expected to see something floating, but I don’t instead after all the water has drained I find four little turd balls waiting for me at the drain. So is this what boys do? And now, I am echoing my daughter’s sentiment “How Disgusting.”



6 thoughts on “How Disgusting

  1. HILARIOUS!! It has happened with both of mine…. but a slightly different response….. I think it’s a boy thing for sure… Kinda like farting…….. DJ bursts out laughing…. “Ewwwwwwww!!! HAHAHAHAHAH!!! MAMIIIIIIIIIII!! HAHAAHAHAA!!! Simon Pooped in the tuuuuuuuuub!! HAHAHAAHAHA!!! EEEEWWWWWWWW!!!”….. Because of DJ, I couldn’t help but laugh too because when I got in the bathroom, they had both moved away from the poop and were CRACKING UP laughing!! But from 1 mom to another….. hell yeah that’s disgusting!!

  2. it’s good that ME is there to at least give him the 411 about women and what they like a long the way; some sisters missed their chance!

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