He asked me to dance

Each month I visit the local library and pick up a calendar events. I peruse it and make a mental note of all the wonderful free activities they have that I should take advantage of and I seldom get around to making any of them. So this month, I was determined to put the bedtime story telling night on my calendar.

Now I must say I was little concerned because as much as I thought my toddlers would enjoy an opportunity to wear pajamas out in public, it didn’t start until 7 and our bedtime is 7:30 p.m. I kept contemplating if Baby G would hold up. At 16-months, he is very regimented and will go upstairs by himself at bedtime if I am not moving fast enough. Plus, storytelling didn’t begin until 7 and then I had to come home give baths and prepare for school on Friday, we’re talking close to 9 p.m. before lights out.

With all this negative internal noise, I decided not to worry about any of it and pack them up and figure the rest out later and man am I glad I did. We arrived about 5 minutes late and the first story had already begun. When we walked in we joined about six other children and their parents. So apparently, I am not alone in not taking advantage of free library events.

We pick a corner and the children spread out. To my chagrin, I quickly find out that it’s not cool to sit on your momma’s lap during public story hour. They each grab a mat and face the storyteller. As always I’m amazed at my youngest imitating his sister’s every move.  The crowd is small enough that I feel comfortable giving them their space. For the next 20 minutes they listen to different stories about snow and winter.  Then it’s time to dance to a slow “sleepy” song. The girls in the audience grab hands and make a circle and I find my son trying to figure out what he should do. Instead of breaking up their circle he peruses all the mommies standing on the sidelines alone and not dancing, chooses one, walks over to her and extends his hand asking her to dance. The entire room, myself included join in a harmonious “awwww.”

So for the next minute my son dances with a stranger and then without notice he drops her hands and walks to me and asks me to dance. Man, do I love this kid and these moments. It’s a constant reminder that I was born to be a mommy. As for the storytelling time, my children had a ball and I would definitely recommend it.

Yes, bedtime was later than usual that night, but lifelong memories were created.



5 thoughts on “He asked me to dance

  1. I Love It! Sometimes it pays to get out of our fast paste routines to enjoy God’s most treasureable blessings we tend to miss when keeping a daily routine. Every day is a new day , its not the same,it has its own blessings!

  2. and a man shall be known by the fruit of his labor. Oh how sweet and pleasant it must’ve been to taste the fruit of his father’s labor. Only iron can sharpen iron. It is proven that a son treat the women he encounters like his father treats his mother. love that lil guy. (yep im getting use to the initials M.E.F.T.)

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