Not a Toddler Movie

I look forward to the weekend. Not because I get to sleep in, my toddlers don’t allow that, but because usually me and my husband try to sneak away for a date. Well last Friday, we were determined to see Django, but sneaking away for three hours early enough that I won’t fall asleep in the theatre has proven to be a challenge. So, we opted for Haunted House.

We didn’t get a chance to drop the babies at my mom’s until after 7 p.m. made a quick trip to Olive Garden and made it to the 9 p.m. show. Now normally, I’m not up for ridiculous movies without a plot, but I made an exception. For those unfamiliar, Haunted House is a Wayans movie and a humorous twist on a horror flick. It’s rated R and it should be rated X with all the sex, foul language and bad homosexual innuendos.

So imagine my surprise to see at least a dozen children with their parents or adults under the age of 12. The worst offender was the woman in front of me with a little girl that was sure to be under 5. The mom was there with a male and a young teenage girl. When I tell you it took everything in me, not to ask her to let me babysit and take the baby in the lobby until she was ready to put her daughter’s needs before hers, I am not kidding.

In fact, I am sure I owe my husband an apology because every time something ridiculous like a ghost performing fellatio on Essence Atkins happened, I would go on a five-minute tangent on how inappropriate it was to have a toddler watching this. Now what really bothers me about this is, I pride myself on trying not to judge parents. I mean, babies don’t come with an instruction manual, tons of advice books, but no instruction manual.

But this was ridiculous. I kept trying to think of why watching this movie was so important to her. How come she couldn’t find a babysitter? How come the older child could babysit? How come theatres allow parents to make idiotic decisions? What type of bad dreams would this baby have? What type of conversations will she bring up with her friends in kindergarten next week as a result of what she’d seen? Lord have mercy, if she was in my daughter’s class what would she tell her about her weekend?

With all my questions and no answers, I am stuck judging. Yes, it’s true most days there is something I want to do and can’t because of my children’s needs. Sometimes, I’m sleepy and can’t take a nap because a nap isn’t in their cards and they require supervision. Sometimes, I have work to do and I have to stay up late to finish because I have to wait until their bedtime. Sometimes, I just want to use the bathroom in peace and can’t because they want to know my every move.

So, I know I am preaching to the choir on this, but if any of you know someone who for whatever reason HAS to see a rated R movie, can you please ask them what they plan to do with their children?


9 thoughts on “Not a Toddler Movie

  1. That is why sometimes it requires that village to raise a child. And this is why we need our elders to help guide us and people to make smart choices when it comes to having children. Some people should not have children because they are not or ever will be ready for raising a child.

  2. That mother was a moron. She should have stayed home and not allowed her daughter to see those images which are sure to be burned in her memory as with a branding iron. Sad!

  3. You so right Mrs. Taylor sometimes common sense is all we need. Thank God for my support system. By the way this is Debra Thompson that was in your last semester class. I have been reading on your site and really enjoyed. I graduated with Shelby and Lamont very nice people.

    • Hey Debra…welcome, welcome, welcome. So glad to hear from you and glad you chimed in. This really bothered my spirit. I was having a hard time being a bystander, you know I don’t believe in that. LOL

  4. I am not a mother, but I do know there are certain things I would not allow for my child to see when I become one. Children pick up things very fast, even around my younger nieces, nephews, godchildren, I have to be careful on what is said and seen in front of them. This mother should have known better. Now , I am wondering if we all know it was inappropriate, why didn’t she know it. What about the other parents that sat in the theater and thought it was a good idea for their child or children to watch. I can only sit here and think about the words my mom use to say; I didn’t know how to be a mother but I did the best I knew how. My mother best she knew how raised me to be the person I am today, my best she knew how would not allow me to sit and watch adult theme movies, my best she knew how would not allow me to back talk adults , my best she knew how really was teaching me right from wrong, common sense,etc . Parents when you become a Parent It’s about that child, childs best interest, your wants and needs are put to the side because they didn’t ask to be here. CHILD FIRST. I’m Just Saying.

  5. I agree wholeheartedly. I don’t have a huge support system that can babysit for me but I would rather not go and see a movie than subject my son to that! She must be selfish and I actually don’t pity her when she becomes a grandmother in 10 years time! She brought this on herself!

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