Tic Toc

I am eternally grateful that my mom lives just a 10-minute car ride from me. Every morning on my way to work I take my son, sometimes in pajamas to her house. I pack him a lunch but most days she doesn’t even open it. She cooks him breakfast, cuddles with him and relishes in their alone time.

Between her and a flexible work schedule I never had to worry too much about daycare. By choice, we sent Morgan a few days a week at about 16-months and she loved it. They say time waits for no man, or woman and that must be true because it’s time for Baby G to start his daycare journey.

Last week I took him to the same center his sister went to and was in awe. First, I know my babies are relatively close together but these people knew me by name and asked about Morgan, which gave them mega bonus points when I walked in. They basically opened the doors and said “welcome home.”

But it wasn’t me they had to convince, I wanted to see how comfortable Baby G felt. As we toured the facility, our first stop was the 15-month room and he didn’t seem interested at all. In fact, for a minute I started to second-guess my decision. Maybe he’s not ready, I thought. I then asked to see the 18-month room as January is fast approaching. As I am interviewing and asking questions about staff turn over, child ratio, nap times, meals,  etc… this little boy jumps out of my arms, walks over to one of two tables full of children, pulls out an empty seat and sits there looking around for instructions on the activity.

Once again I was in awe, but this time at my son. I couldn’t believe how comfortable he was and I couldn’t believe it was time for this already. So all weekend I have been trying to wrap my mind around the idea that my son will get dressed in the morning and go to what we playfully refer to as “school.”

See when he’s with my mom, there’s a ton of stuff that I just know. I know if he’s not feeling well, I can take him anyway and grandma will make him feel better. I know if he’s sleepy, he can go right back to bed. I know if he misses me, she will pick up the phone and let him call. The thing is, I just know, know, know.

But the list of things I won’t know in this new arrangement is lengthy. I won’t know if he’s lonely will they give him a hug. I won’t know if he picks up after himself or if he’ll miss grandma’s house. Yeah, yeah I know I’ll get a report each day that tells me what he ate, how long he slept, when they changed him etc…but it’s not the same.

When we told Morgan her baby brother was going to “school” she clapped and smiled at him and said “Yeah BaBa, I’m so happy for you. That’s so exciting.” And I know she’s right. So I will try to piggy back off her excitement and tuck my tears away and pray that time will slow up just a little bit so I can continue to enjoy my babies.


2 thoughts on “Tic Toc

  1. And those same tears spring up the first time you see him on the football field; and again when he turns a “double digit”. Time truly doesn’t wait, and the older they get the more they seem to rush it. Cherish them both while they let you. My greatest joy this Thanksgiving was cooking last night with the assistance of both my babies.

  2. First of all, let me say that Baby G looked absolutely dapper in his first day of school outfit….now, on with the rest of my comment…lol…I’m cosigning what April said lol….I look at my oldest, who will be 18 in January, and it really does seem like yesterday when he was born, when he sung a song after after a 2 year absence of words in Spaghetti Warehouse when he was 4, when he played tee ball, when I used to sit with him and and sound out words with him as he read….I’m gonna stop now, cuz I’m tearing up….speaking as a mother who has a few more years on her, time truly flies, life speeds by like a runaway train, and if you are blessed (and your kids), everyone can look back and have more good memories than bad…because the times come when they don’t hang on to your every word, when a little girl starts to have more credibility than you do, and they don’t say, “Bye, love u,” everytime they leave the house (I’m still trying to come to terms with that lol)….U and G Todd are great parents and ME and Baby G are gonna have a great childhood to look back on…u won’t be on Maury fighting your kids because they are accusing you of being a bad mother (I might be up there, don’t turn away, just watch and pray for me!!! lol) …Happy Thanksgiving and God Bless…..

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