Princess M meets Lady O

Truth be told, I am totally aware that I am still kind of new in the parenting game. I mean, when you think about it, I haven’t been at it long enough to even be eligible for full retirement benefits. Most jobs require five years, and my princess is just 3-years-old. All that said, one thing I have learned for certain is the length my husband and I am willing to go to provide opportunities for our children. We are so blessed and I would be remiss not to acknowledge the high favor we receive, daily. Thank you Lord.

This week the First Lady of the United States came to Greenville. When her visit was announced there was no doubt that my husband and I would try our best to be in attendance. In fact, I can honestly say I have never stood in line for any type of ticket or merchandise before; no, iPhone lines, no rap concerts, nothing. I have always been the type to think if it is meant to be, it will be. But two hours in hot weather to see First Lady Michelle Obama seemed effortless. The question became what to do with the children during her speech. We wanted to see her and to be sure it may be a once in a lifetime opportunity for them, but long lines, long wait and tight quarters doesn’t fair well for two toddlers. The feasibility caused lots of questions, but we decided to wing it and man am I glad we did.

“Morgan, we are going to hear the President’s wife, the First Lady speak, would you like to come?” “Sure, is she kind of like a Princess,” she asked. “Yes, I guess so, but she is the First Lady of the United States, meaning she is married to President Obama and she is Sasha and Malaya’s mommy,” I say. “Oh, I know them, they are in my book. Will they be there?” she asks. “I doubt it,” I reply, they have school the next day.” “Oh, okay, well can I have a play date and see their room?” she asks. “I don’t think so baby girl, that’s not quite how it works, but maybe one day you will get to see their rooms.”

For the most part that was our last conversation about it and I was starting to think she was unimpressed and unaware of the magnitude of being able to see the First Lady in person. That is until I dropped her off at school that morning. “Guess what?” she asked her preschool teacher. “I’m going to see the First Lady, President Obama’s wife.” “You are? You are so very lucky,” her teacher responded as she escorted her to her cubby. I walked out thinking, that’s the reaction I was waiting on.

When we arrive at the stadium she asks her dad if she can stand with him on the floor and for the next few hours I am close enough to see her, but too far for her to see me gleaming with pride; she is surrounded by people she knows and has a front row seat to see and hear Sasha and Malaya’s mommy. Our First Lady appears and is just as beautiful as she is talented and sincere in her delivery of a message that resounded the importance of the upcoming election and our responsibility to vote, volunteer and spread the word. As our F.L.O.T.U.S. makes her way to the exit, she stops to shake hands and I immediately notice how close our friends, their children and my husband and Morgan are to her face.

I see her hugging our friend’s daughter and I get chills on my arms at what that moment will mean to them. I am so happy for them.

It’s not until I am reunited with my husband and my princess that I learn that she too shook Michelle Obama’s hand. “Both hands, mommy, two hands,” she said. It’s at that moment that I am full of enthusiasm for all the times as monumental as this that I look forward to. The number of friends and neighbors that surround our family and support our children is humbling and I am hopeful that she remembers this day. I am grateful for choosing a mate that will go to any lengths to provide for his children and I am grateful to have a First Lady that I can relate to, be proud of and admire.

I am in total awe of the entire experience and pray it had and will continue to have a positive impact and influence on the lives of all the children I know The First Lady touched that day and everyday.

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