It’s Your Birthday!

For the last nine years I have had the pleasure of watching my husband grow one year older and wiser on September 15th. In the past we have celebrated with parties, trips, private chefs, extravagant gifts and experiences. We’ve been referred to as jetsetters and soire throwers and enjoyed every minute of it. But our life has changed. Two toddlers have not cramped our style, but has modified our flow.

This year my husband decided that he wanted to spend his birthday with his family. He wasn’t sure in what capacity but was adamant it would have to involve the children. In reviewing Morgan’s summer vacation list of things to do, there were just two things we didn’t get to; bowling and an amusement park.

Well, we live around the corner from a bowling alley, so it just doesn’t seem to be out of our reach. Plus you can bowl anytime of year and we still have some work to do on her sportsmanship. She gets really upset when she feels she isn’t doing well at something.

All that said, amusement park won. He decides on Bush Gardens and that works for me. As I am packing the baby bag and making a list of all the things we shouldn’t forget; like the double stroller, he is in charge of finding discount tickets and researching the park.

It’s not until we are all packed up in the car that I learn there is a Sesame Street portion of the park specially designed for children. I mean, I know they had kiddie rides, but Sesame Street characters too? Baby G loves Elmo. Instantly both adults are amped in anticipation of their excitement.

It’s about a 2.5 hour ride from our house and Morgan is delighted to catch up on her beauty rest, but Baby G is not convinced a nap is in his cards and doesn’t dose off until we are 27 miles from the park. Since we have two babies, we splurge for the premier parking and still have to walk what seems like forever to the park entrance.

The Sesame Street section is in the front of the park, plus we are not sure how long Baby G will hold up since he only had a catnap, so we make that our first stop. After posing for pictures with Bert and Big Bird we head to our first ride. It’s a boat ride and Morgan is now tall enough to ride by herself, but Baby G needs an escort and after a quick game of rock, paper, scissors, I squeeze my mommy bootie into this little boat and pray it doesn’t tip over with baby and all.

For the next hour or so we monitor line skipping and squeeze our adult size bodies into child size seats on rides. I let go of all my food conscious mommy stuffiness and let them eat cotton candy, popcorn, funnel cakes and pretzels. After their fill, we head to the Griffon. It’s some crazy high roller coaster that looks really dangerous. This ride is for daddy and we are happy to indulge his rollercoaster fetish. “Happy Birthday,” Morgan says for the 100th time when he walks through the exit. So no, my husband didn’t celebrate his birthday this year with a party or private Nascar experience like before, but he did get to celebrate it his way.







6 thoughts on “It’s Your Birthday!

  1. cuz what a priceless gift there was no time limit on the fun,memories that shall last 4 ever in the mind of babes,as we no cuz we never grow up,happy birthday G Todd the love goes deeper than that sit back and enjoy the ride of endless love joy peace and happiness of the family that no one or anything can or will replace what a blessing from God,that’s what happen’s when you put and keep Christ 1st in your life,priceless but worth every moment ,I love my family

  2. Cuz its funny how time tends to make us appreciate the “little things” so much more. Nowadays, a birthday isnt a birthday unless Im surrounded by family. Love you fam!!!

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