Potty Mouth

I am sure you all have heard the phrase “cusses like a sailor.” Well, my daddy was in the Navy and he taught me how to curse. Now don’t judge him, that was old school parenting and his philosophy was to bring your “A” game, no matter what. “I’ll be damned if you go around not cussing right,” he said after catching me unintentionally throwing around curse words. There’s an art to it you know and I must admit that if put in the right circumstances it would probably be like riding a bike, daddy taught me that too.

But I made a decision to stop cussing when I was pregnant with my daughter. It’s amazing how easy you rid yourself of bad habits when you put your mind and your heart to it. I didn’t want to raise a potty mouth and I wasn’t going to contribute to such foolishness. So I intentionally surrounded my children with positive music, programming and people. The most my daughter has heard me say in the heat of a stomped toe is “Shoot.”

Last week, I half-heartedly read an article about what to do when you hear you child cursing. I’m not even sure I read it in its entirety because to be sure this does not apply to me. I stopped cussing, I monitor what they watch, what they hear and who’s around. Nope, not my problem, so I thought.

My husband’s family had a reunion last weekend in Myrtle Beach. The four hour drive with two toddlers wasn’t too bad going, but coming home was brutal. In the last leg of our journey, my daughter starts telling a story about a boy that was not being nice and out of nowhere refers to him as a jackass. So, of course I immediately address this situation and as I am telling her these are not nice words and asking where she heard that. She hesitates and says she knows it’s not a nice word and says she heard it in a movie.

“What movie?” “You know the one I watch all the time on my iPad,” she says. So I hand her the iPad and ask her to show me the movie, because I have seen them all before they were loaded on her pink case covered device. She scrolls for a few seconds and stops and says, “this one right here.” She then describes the scene almost verbatim when this phrase was used. Now the movie she talks about is The Game Plan, starring Dwayne Johnson – who has been dubbed the new King of Kid movies. And of course after she brings this to my attention, I know exactly the scene and can’t believe of all the things for this child to mimic, that the one curse word in the movie would be it.

It’s at this moment that I am humbled. Wow, did I really snub my nose at the parents in the article when I should have been listening? Hell yes. And did I really think that this issue was not of concern to me or my children? Uh, hell yes. And will I finish the article next time I feel it’s an issue that doesn’t pertain to my two little angels? You’re damn right!


4 thoughts on “Potty Mouth

  1. lol…lol….i can relate. im not a professional curser,but ive been known to get it in. my three children have begun to mimic some of my choice words and it shames me to know they got it from me or movies here and there. i too will have to be more attentive and kick the habit.

  2. Well, I’m just gonna be honest…I curse…sometimes alot…and sometimes in front of my children…I think its because I can’t curse at work and then I come home and it all comes out…my oldest son often says to me, “Mom, aren’t u supposed to be a christian?” And depending on the mood I’m in, I respond with either “Forgive me baby and forgive me Lord” or “Mind you business”….I’m on my kids’ prayer lists and I’m waiting for a teacher to call (Moo’s teacher probably) and tell me one of my kids has cursed….to which I will kindly tell them thank you, hang up the phone, and then laugh…what can I say?That they haven’t heard it from me? We are all works in progress…I just don’t want to end up on Maury Povich, being accused of being a bad parent…then u gone see some cussing… as always Diane, thanks for sharing and thanks for being an intentional parent….u r a guide for us all


  3. Well Diane, cursing never came naturally for me so rather than try to develop it and be laughed at, I stopped trying to put the strands together correctly. I also have reasoned and tell my kids that “smart kids” don’t use bad words because they are smart enough to find other words to say. :0) Let’s just see how long they believe that!

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