She gets it from her momma

Of course I’ve heard the saying “What goes around, comes around,” and parents are quick to remind you that payback is coming when you have children of your own, but this is plum ridiculous.

I was never very mischievous, not a prankster and not a bully. But I was most definitely mouthy. Oh, I would do what adults asked me, but not without stating my opinion on the matter first, even if I agreed. If you know me, clearly ain’t much changed. Never at a loss for words, they would say. She’s so articulate, they would say. But I also heard, “your mouth is going to get you in trouble,” and one of my favorites “don’t write a check your ass can’t cash.” Lord knows, my mouth has done both.

Having said all that, with sound mind and heart I still say I was not nearly as mouthy as my daughter. Yes, it’s true she came out of the womb speaking in correct sentences. She has always talked and for that I am grateful because it made my life as a new mommy easier. She was clear from the start on what she liked and what she didn’t like. What she would eat, what she wouldn’t wear, if her ear hurt, or her belly, she was always able to tell me.

Unfortunately, her communication skills are not limited to answering my questions and there lies our new issue. Sunday morning, I sent my articulate daughter into my bathroom to get a nail file. Of course despite seeing her play with it a thousand times and knowing exactly where it was she claimed she couldn’t find it. However, she did manage to find a box open it and take out a straight pin. So of course, I take it from her and tell her its dangerous and she shouldn’t have picked it up. She in turn without reservation says “well, it’s your fault, because you shouldn’t have left it where I can get it.” Wow…really, touche’.

Later that morning, she asks me if she can have some chocolate. “No babe, it’s too early in the morning for chocolate, maybe after you finish lunch,” I respond.” “But why is too early,” she asks? “I ate breakfast already.  I made my bed,” she says trying to make her case. And I interrupt her, cause I know where this is going and I repeat my position. She looks at me with her arms crossed, waits until I finish my sentence, and then says “mommy, I was talking first. You need to listen to me.”

I blink my eyes, cause I am starting to see red dots and I’m trying to remember what I learned in Anger Management class but it’s all a blur, so I just start praying. Lord, please give me the patience to deal with this child in a productive manner so that I don’t permanently injure her physically or emotionally. Please Lord I need you right now. So she must have figured out that momma praying in the middle of the kitchen is not a good sign and tabled her chocolate discussion until after lunch.

That night during our parental briefing, I bring my husband up to speed on how his daughter worked my nerves that day. We laugh at her responses and I can’t tell her but part of me is proud of how she made her case, argued effectively and raised a valid questions. I mean who said we shouldn’t have chocolate in morning?

I’m not sure what she will be when she grows up, hell I am not sure what she will say tomorrow and there are discrepancies on how much she looks like me, but one thing is for sure….pay back is a (well you fill in the blank).


10 thoughts on “She gets it from her momma

  1. Di there is truly more to come. I as your mother will pray for all of you and of course those that will have the challenge of dealing with that mouth. But I also am anxiously awaiting each day she challenges life.

  2. OMG!!! Diane, I’ve not laughed this hard in a very long time!!! Actually, I had to pause half way thru, while reading, to get it back together. When ME made you see “red dots” I lost it!! Aw man…….Hang in there cuz. If it was easy raising an intelligent, respectful, and yet strong minded child everyone would be doing it. Love u Fam!!

  3. Your ME sounds like my Moo..gotta have the last word, always has an explanation for doing what I told him NOT to do…I must admit, after a good 6 years of this, I still don’t know what to do with it – i was raised old school – whatever an adult says to do, u do it, no questions asked – I just hope God has given our children these mouths for a reason and will give us the sanity to survive their childhoods lol

    • Amen sista, I need some sanity and restraint to deal with this mouth. I must admit though that it’s refreshing to hear that I am not in this struggle by myself. As worn out as I get dealing with her I am excited about the impression she has had and will have on the world we live in. I guess it’s exhausted enthusiasm.

  4. It is very true that you do get it back..because my 14 year old son is a PERFECT example of that. He has to have the last word…and he has to debate everything… The last word thing is definitely me so with both of us like that..It is quite trying at times. I have told my mom so many times “I am sorry”… and I hope he ends up using his mouth and logic for good instead of evil…AND that I pray that I live long enough for him to have kids and my “Im sorry”

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