Her Biggest Fan

My morning routine always start with Baby G yelling in the monitor for his DaDa….since that’s not me, I try not answer. However, the last few weeks his sister feels the need to “go check on him.” When she opens the door, I can hear his smile.

After a brief greeting, she pulls the diaper pail to the end of the crib and climbs in and hugs his neck. They sing Kumbaya and life is wonderful for at least 30 minutes. It’s during this time that I am grateful for two babies and can almost see the light at the end of the tunnel. You know, that special time when they can play independently for a while and allow me to read the paper, have a cup of coffee or just pee without interruption.

Mondays are mommy days, so it’s time to run errands. Baby G meets the weight requirement, but not the age to turn his car seat around, so rear-facing it is. Fortunately for him his big sister, is front facing, but in the bucket seat next to him. When she’s not happy with the selection of the kiddie song on the radio she starts to make loud funny noises, with matching faces.

Just as I am about to shut her performance down, I happen to look in my review mirror and I see her make another noise and look to her right for approval. He looks at her, laughs, kicks his legs and claps with excitement. Without a doubt, he is her biggest fan.

When I found out I was having a boy, several women told me there was nothing like it. That he would look at me like I am the most beautiful woman in the world. And he does….occasionally. But it’s the 3-year-old big sister that he truly adores. When she wants to color; he wants to color. Even though he drives her crazy putting her crayons in his mouth. When she wants to read, so does he and when she wants to dance, and she always wants to dance; he wants to dance.

So with all this admiration, comes a lot of responsibility. I often wonder what that’s like for her, what kind of pressure she feels trying to keep her biggest fan happy. After all, her fan club President lives in the bedroom next door. I wonder if it will get old, if she will continue to look to her right to see him smiling or clapping for her.

Now, their special moments are abundant, but not without incident. There are times, they fuss, and times he asserts himself just enough for her to know she is not in complete control. He can take her down physically any time he wants, but those times are rare. He’d much rather, jump for her, clap for her and laugh with her. My mom says he walks around with her picture in a frame when she is not around and blows her kisses.

And every night in my little talk with Jesus I always ask for no sibling rivalry. I pray that they will work together, play together, encourage each other and love each other. I pray that they will be best friends. I pray that they will respect each other and give the world hell.


One thought on “Her Biggest Fan

  1. Good Morning Diva!!!

    First, let me say I am thrilled that you are able to see the comraderie between your children, the love, the “kumbaya” moments…they are true blessings from God and always to be treasured…..and as time goes by, those times may be far and few in between lol..with my boys what I see now is the older one protecting the younger one (on the bus or if Moo has not done his chores, Aaron will sometimes do them for him or even warn him that I am coming up to check his room lol) …now, as the mother of two boys, I must agree with your friends: boys and mothers have a special bond, just as girls and fathers do….I see it with my own younger brothers and my mother and I see it with my sons…they love you hard…you are their example of what type of woman to date and marry; they glean from you how a woman is to treat and love a man (I’m counting on that love when my boys are balling out of control – “you know no one loves u like ur mother right?” – that’s what I tell them often lol)…next, while he is showing ur daughter love and affection, u will ALWAYS be his “boo thang”, so never doubt that…also know that as they get older the fighting will come more frequent, but that’s normal….and last, because of your prayers they will, through the fussing and fighting, the disagreements and you and Todd’s yelling, at the end of the day, love each other more than you could ever imagine (at least that’s what I’m experiencing with my brothers and myself now – and we had knock down, drag-outs growing up..but we had/have a praying mother)….I have learned that many people have not been as priviledged as those of us who are able to actually watch our children grow up…for me being able to watch them get on the bus every day, go to awards days, teacher’s conferences, football games, wrestling matches, etc., it has been a roller coaster ride, but I can’t imagine my life being any different….keep enjoying those “sibling love” moments….

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