The Princess and the Farm

Last week at the library, my 3-year-old Princess was abducted by aliens and asked to take out not one but two books about big trucks and machines. At first she claimed it was for her baby brother, but then she confessed that she felt she needed to learn more about those things. I must say, I was not excited about having to read about trucks. Can’t we just get the book about the real African princesses again, I thought.

At bedtime she insisted that we start with truck books and I obliged. I must admit she was not the only one that didn’t know much about those things, I learned a lot. Who knew there were so many different categories of trucks? Okay really, that was rhetorical.

Fast forward to the weekend. I had to work in Bertie County, my husband’s hometown, on Saturday morning and our church, Zion Bethlehem MBC was having a hat and tie function in the afternoon. So we packed up the kids, called the grandparents and decided to make a day of it. Now for those of you that have no idea where Bertie County is, just know it’s a small rural county, very rural with its own unique personality. While relaxing at my in-laws, we decide it would be nice to take a ride and see the family’s farmland. After all our city slicker children had never seen the acreage and thought country living began and ended with grandma and granddaddy’s house.

What started out as just a Saturday afternoon ride in the country, ended with an experience of a lifetime for our daughter. When we pulled onto the dirt road from the two-lane highway, my daughter looked out her window gasped for air and shouted with excitement “mommy, there it is, the big truck from the book. It’s a machine, it’s a machine.” And indeed it was, her great Uncle Levi and Aunt Mildred were right in the middle of plowing a field full of wheat on the biggest tractor, either of us had ever seen.

“Can I ride on it? Please, please, “ she begged. At this moment, I am glad I didn’t talk her out of getting her books about machines and my husband is obviously proud at the excitement of her request. He jumps out to meet his Uncle and asks him if she can take a ride. Without hesitation, Uncle Levi emphatically says “she sure can.”

The next thing I know, my prissy, nails done hair done everything big daughter is climbing these mountain high steps to get into the cab of the truck. I learned that terminology while reading a children’s book. She is grinning from ear to ear and I am thrilled at knowing that she will NEVER forget this moment when her book came alive and her great Uncle and Auntie let her ride in the tractor.

She was up there for at least 30 minutes. She was watching everything and even got to drive, to let her tell it. Every time they would stop and bring her back to us, she would ask to go again and they would oblige. Her excitement never wore off, but the sun was setting so we finally managed to get her down.

When she climbed down, she said “that was so much fun.” Aunt Mildred, a retired educator, provided a wheat lesson during the tractor drive and as my daughter put it, “it’s in everything, it’s in cakes, and bread and everything.” She then insisted I join her on a trot down the dirt road to see the “little” truck Uncle Levi used to put the wheat after plowing. “See, look,” she said kneeling down to pick some up from the ground. “This is what it looks like after you cut it.”

As the sun began to set on a small dirt road in the middle of nowhere, a princess turned into a farmer. I have no idea what the future will hold for Morgan, maybe she’ll be a doctor, maybe she’ll be a teacher or maybe even a farmer.  Thanks a million Uncle Levi and Aunt Mildred for expanding her mind and allowing me to watch it!


8 thoughts on “The Princess and the Farm

  1. Omg!!! Thank u sooo much for sharing this….trust me, this is an experience she will alwas remember….my dad drove/owned trucks for years and my brothers/children spent a lot of time with him out on da road…now that he is gone, they have those memories to cherish….I’m sooo glad u guys had this experience…..the country rocks!!!

  2. Talk about making a brother homesick!!! What a great story!!! Hats off to Morgan! There’s nothing wrong with a sister that can hold it down in a boardroom and be able to change her flat tire if need be. I love it.

    • Sorry Hump, didn’t mean to make you homesick but your little cousin had a BALL in that tractor. Oh, and you know her daddy made sure to mention that Uncle Hump drives a big truck too. So don’t be surprised if she doesn’t ask you about it next time she sees you. LOL

  3. I love this! I am so sorry that I just missed y’all. My daughters and I rode in that big tractor shortly after you all left. I love the pics. I have shared this link with mom and dad. I know they are going to love it.

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