A Toddler Bucket List?

This year Mother’s Day was awesome. I received all sorts of good stuff, flowers, cards, plants, and handcrafted art, but one of favorite gifts was the child free weekend trip to Miami. What great motivation for sticking to my diet and working out.

As excited as I was to go to Miami, the preparation was exhausting. Pre-kids we traveled all the time. But I am out of practice. I had to update my travel attire, clean my house, new suitcase, prep grandparents with schedules and pack up everybody. Two weeks of preparation for a four day weekend just didn’t seem fair.

In the midst of all the hectic packing and cleaning the princess asks me where we were going. I try my best not to tell stories, so I came clean. “We’re going to South Beach,” I said. “Yeah,” she says. “I love south beach. When do we leave?” So at this moment  I have two choices, I can break it to her now that she ain’t going or wait until she is being kicked out of the car at grandma and grandaddies to tell her she ain’t going. I opt for first choice.

“Morgan, you are not going to South Beach, it’s just for me and daddy.” With her head slightly tilted to the side and a confused and puzzled look on her face, she asks “just you and daddy? But I like the beach too.”

So I try my best to explain that we know she loves the beach and we will gladly take her this summer, but not this time. “This time is just for the adults.”

“So, there are no kids at South Beach?” She asks. And I feel like this is a test. If I say there are no children in South Beach, that’s not exactly true, so I choose to reiterate that sometimes me and daddy need alone time and we have a lot of fun stuff planned for the whole family for the summer, but this trip is just for me and daddy.

Well, it becomes obvious real quick that I am now is the midst of a debate with a 3-year-old. “Is is far?” she asks and I tell her it is. “Will you drive?” she asks and I tell her we will fly. “On a plane?” she asks, “yes ma’am on a plane.”

“Well I like planes too. I like the beach and I like planes, so I should go, right?” At this point, I don’t see a way out of this, my only card was that we will go the beach later this summer. “No, babe I’m sorry but this trip is just for me and daddy, but you will have so much fun at grandma and grandaddy’s house. You will get to play with your cousins and everything,” I say with excitement.

She looks at me with a straight face as if to say did you think that would make me feel better about being left at home while you guys party it up in South Beach? And I am smiling with anticipation of what she will say next.

“But it’s on my bucket list,” she said. “Your bucket list,” What do you know about a bucket list,” I laugh. “I just know it okay and South Beach is on my bucket list.” My husband, the silent observer, looks at me and laughs hysterically.

So for days, I am trying to figure out, where on earth my child has heard about a bucket list and how would she possibly know in what context to talk about one. I mean, I monitor what she watches on television, what she hears  on the radio, the people she hangs around and the places we visit. I hadn’t even heard of it before watching Morgan Freeman’s movie about he and his friend’s adventures to complete a list of things they always wanted to do before their demise.

And then I remembered my excitement when I opened my Mother’s Day package weeks earlier and was greeted with tickets to South Beach. “Wow, honey thanks so much, I’ve always wanted to go to South Beach. It’s definitely on my bucket list.”

All I can say is, I am glad I stopped cussing before I had my babies. Who needs a tape recorder when you have children listening and remembering everything we say?

So my advice, be careful what you say or be forced to explain it later and if you haven’t been to South Beach….make sure you add it your bucket list.


4 thoughts on “A Toddler Bucket List?

  1. Diane!!!! U definitely have a thinker on your hands…lol…We have been blessed to have husbands that are sensitive to our needs…Paul and I have been twice and are itching to get back (him moreso than me because he is a Dolphins fan lol)…I see from your posts that you are very conscientious concerning your children and that is so wonderful…I think, over time, though, your responses will be a little different, not like mine (naw, you aint going with us, what are you, crazy? lol), but you won’t feel the anxiety or guilt…we as parents deserve time away so we can recharge….oh, how are you doing this week? I’m getting the sleep and walking, but I’m still working on that water thing lol….. take care


    • I was so glad to get away, I had no guilt. I was long overdue. Originally, our plan was a weekend alone even if at home every three months, we fell way off from that, but I am determined to get back. I’m not to shabby with running this week, but my sleep has been way off and thanks for the reminder about the water intake. LOL. A work in progress for sure, I am just glad I didn’t gain weight over the weekend.

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