Operation Get Your Body Back

At just 5’4” I’ve always aired on the petite side. In college I was unable to donate blood because I didn’t weigh the mandatory 110 pounds. I was a solid size 4 for most of my adult life. And yes my wedding dress was a two piece; it was a beach wedding. As I reminisce about the old me, I am determined to not let it just be a wading memory of yesteryear.

While it’s true my daddy’s genetics helped some, the truth is I have always worked out. I was very athletic, an avid runner, and up for just about any sporting activity. My eating habits aren’t too shabby either. My mom says I eat “rabbit” food. I have an affinity for fruits and veggies, don’t fry anything but fish and have never been a big dessert kind of girl.

Having said that, the current me has two babies – both by C-Section, in my late 30s and not nearly enough money for a personal chef or enough free time to spend half the day in the gym.

I gained so much weight with my daughter I was almost unrecognizable. I had to have my wedding rings re-sized and my feet jumped up a size. I was one doughnut shy of 200 pounds by her birth and happy as a lark, until after delivery. Like a lot of us, I struggled with my self-esteem a bit after she was born and was happy to get to my pre-pregnancy weight before trying for our son.

I didn’t gain quite as much with him, but enough to tip the scale to an uncomfortable number for me. So for Christmas I asked for 20 sessions for a personal trainer and as soon as I was cleared by the doctor I got back in the gym. Clearly, my mind was in the right place but my body wasn’t. I struggled. My knees ached, my back ached, I had two babies and was purely exhausted. An annual check up revealed that I wasn’t experiencing just old age on top of baby weight gain, but the cartilage in my knees was weak and my body wasn’t ready to jump back in as quickly as I had hoped.

So I sat down for a few months and plotted by comeback. I began a vitamin regimen, including Glucosamine for the cartilage issue and started acupuncture treatments for all other aches and pains and overall alignment and tune up. Last month, I got back in the game. I joined a fitness boot camp in hopes of jump starting operation get your body back.

Four weeks later, 10 pounds lighter, two sizes smaller I am on my way. No, I have not arrived, which is why I am determined to run at least 3 miles, at least 3 days per week and doing insanity workouts in between with my husband. But it’s tough.

Scheduling workout time is a major ordeal in our house now. Initially mid-morning workouts were perfect. Princess was in school and the baby could come to the gym nursery or join me on a run in the running stroller. But now school is out, I am catching hell trying to figure out a new system. Anything after their bedtime is a crap shoot. Most nights, I am so exhausted I turn in, when they fall asleep and I can’t imagine setting an alarm clock to shorten my 4-5 hours of sleep for any reason. But something has to give, and like most things mommies do, I have to just make it happen.  And the nights when I fall short, I don’t beat myself up, but I make a vow to do better the next day.

The moral of the story is, we find time for things we prioritize like our children’s weekly dance lessons, or stocking ingredients for our husband’s favorite meal, gardening or clipping coupons and now it’s time to choose fitness.

Who’s with me? Operation Get Your Body Back is a mommy commitment to being better and doing more to be healthier, sexier, more energetic moms. It doesn’t matter how old your children are, how tight your schedule is or how small your commitment is. What matters is choosing us, prioritizing us and putting the work in, to get your desired results.

My beginning weight was 171

My current weight is 158

My short-term goal is 150 (pre-pregnancy weight)

My long-term goal is 135 (wedding weight)


25 thoughts on “Operation Get Your Body Back

  1. As always, thank you for sharing your life with us….my struggle with weight began after I met my then boyfriend, now husband’s, mother. Nothing could have prepared me for her cakes, pies, stews, chickens, etc…. lol by the end of my undergrad years, I went from 150 my freshman year to a little over 200 lbs., getting married, having a baby…and the rest is history lol…as I start again on aother weight loss journey, I am encouraged by your strength of spirit and willingness to share…again, thank you and blessings on your journey


    • Morning sis, so are you joining operation get your body back? I believe we can do it. Start small, conmit to drinking a gallon of water per day or maybe working out every Sat. or going for a walk after lunch or eating three times per day…whatever your commitment will make a difference.

      • hey diana,
        A journalist recently said that she follows the 8-8-8 rule: 8 cups of water a day, 8 miles of walking/running a week, and 8 hours of sleep per night – what do you think? My biggest obstacle has always been getting off track…i start out great and then something happens to get me off track and then it takes forever to get back on track….then the cycle continues….before my last “break” I was walking in the morning 3-4 times a week, increasing the amount of water I drink…..I think a realistic goal for me at this time is to lose weight in 10 lb blocks…I have been this heavy for soooo long that I don’t want to sabotage myself…and then I always say to myself, “what am I gonna do with all my clothes if I lose weight?” my friends tell me to just get then taken in lol…also my walking buddy moo quit on me, he says he just can’t do it right now, to check back with him later lol

      • Hey Ms. K, I love the 8-8-8 rule. I think we underestimate the importance of sleep. We can do all the working out we want to, but our bodies need us to go to bed, even if we have to miss an episode of Basketball Wives…lol. I am all for the 10 pound blocks. We are still moms and have to be realistic. We didn’t gain it over night and it’s not going to disappear over night, but 10 pounds at a time…wow that’s awesome!And girl I will buy you an outfit when you get to your goal size…forget them clothes. I enjoyed donating mine to a local charity last week and can’t wait to go back. Although taking them in is more realistic. LOL.

  2. Hey Di! I am on board with the Operation!!!! I was able to return to an acceptable weight within 5 months post baby, but it took lots of dedication!! Now the goal is not getting too comfy and try to keep it off!! Lets do it! The vanilla mothers do it all the time, let’s show the world what Chocolate mothers can do!!!!

  3. I am on board as well. I have lost 10 pounds myself since Feb and I am working to lose more. It is very hard with the busy schedules and all life throws at us but we must decided to do something for ourselves. My first ten were not that hard, a change in diet, giving up my daily pepsi fix for water and maybe a ginger ale has certainly helped. Every one that know my husband and I know we love to cook but I have chosen to still cook but just can not eat some of that stuff anymore but if I do I have learned portion control. Yeah Me!! Looking forward to Get Your Body Back

  4. I am with you chocolate sister! I understand the struggle of weight. I dealt with it all my life and I am at the point of no return as well. You look great so stay in the race for all of us, so we can lean on one another for strength. I begun the eating plan from Dr. Ian Smith 50 million pound challenge and find it very beneficial in my case. I have had previous success with it. This time around I know it has to be my life long commitment to eat healthy and I it will be. I have so many motivating factors such as yourself, and Erica that I can not have anymore excuses.

  5. Di, I’m feeling you and accept the challenge with you. We were working out as a couple and it was great, even Brenden joined in. Then I started slacking and my sweet tooth took over. But today after reading your blog I feel renewed and ready to start again. And once I get back from my anniversary getaway I’m hitting the gym again! Thanks for the kick in the butt, Lil Hitler strikes again! As always, it’s always appreciated and done out of love.

    Beginning weight 173
    Goal weight 150(ish)

  6. Di! You have inspired me so much in my life and I have to join you. I have struggled with my weight most of my life; and, I have to admit that I had accepted it and know that I am beautiful. However, heart disease and “sugar” diabetes are not! I have not fallen to them, and by joining you, I am more likely not to!

    I just bought “rabbit” groceries last night and we just renewed our gym membership last week! 🙂

    Your starting weight IS my goal weight :). Besides that, I want to 1) lose weight before starting on baby #2 and 2) take some slamming graduation pictures (May 2013!!!).

    We can and we will…we are women and that’s what we do! ~slw

    Starting Weight …(dang grad school LOL) …. knocking on 270
    Goal Weight…(Operation Body Back) …. slamming 170

    (Wedding Day…262/ pre-pregnancy weight (MVW) 235/post-pregnancy weight 225)

    Let’s demolish this roller coaster! Our daughters are watching us :).

    • Man Shaundria,
      I couldn’t have said it better myself. Of course we LOVE our curves as well we should, but let’s take back our control. Let’s stop being complacent and hold each other accountable because it’s so much bigger than our numbers on the scale our daughters are watching!Chocolate Mother’s DO workout!I absolutely LOVE your goals and can’t wait for the sexy back pics.

  7. I’m in. School being out for me equals more “free” time. Will start with 2 workouts a week and go from there. And I can always stand to increase the veggies.

  8. It’s funny you should write this now, I just joined the gym right before Mother’s Day. This was a great article of inspiration – and I do need as much as I can get!

  9. I Love, Love, Love this!!! I’ve been holding on to weight for 14 yrs(Portland’s age), and it’s time to let it go..What a great commitment and i love that you are honest enough to put yours out there. I am dedicated as of today after reading this blog. My ultimate long term goal is to lose 30lbs. I will start dedicating 30 min a day to some type of physical activity beside my morning walks which are strolls w/ my dog and i decided last week that i am going to eliminate fried foods for a month. Can’t wait to hear about everyone’s results.. This is so awesome, “operation get your body back”!!!

  10. Chocolate Mother, you are not alone. We have similar body stories. 1st baby 210lbs & 2nd baby 189. I went from 189 to 158 and then to a stand still 147. I had my last child two years ago at the age of 35. That last trimester my body was screaming! My joints ached (especially in pelvis & knees). I figured once I pushed that baby out that it would be all over. Nope & Notta! Doctor’s kept telling me that it came with the territory of having a baby 10yrs later…that was the difference. They wanted me to load up on ibuprofen, and px meds but I don’t flow that way. I convinced one Dr. to refer me for physical therapy, and I was amazed at the results. In three months, I went from barely walking to finally being able to run again. However, my healing was still not complete. Inflammation would easily set in & once again I’d be in pain (just not as bad). Recently, I had a lot more symptoms bombard me. While waiting for the results of bloodwork, I believe God revealed to me what was going on cause the word gluten kept popping in my thoughts. So I started paying attention to how my body responded to my meals, and then I went Gluten free (my self-test). It’s been six days, and I can’t tell you how much better I feel! My aches have either went away or is daily getting better, plus digestion has been on point. Now that I understand what was going on in my body, I now know the reason for the stand still. So, I’m excited once again about getting my body back. 135, here I come!!!

    • Wow Vanessa,

      You are not kidding about our situations mirroring. Thanks for sharing, I have to research the gluten information. I am so proud of you for doing your own research and listening to and being obedient to God. I am confident you will reach your goal. Please check back in and let us know how it’s going.

  11. You don’t know me, but I went to ECSU with your husband. Every time he posts your blogs on his Facebook page I can’t wait to read them. They are always excellent, but this one touched home in how inspiring and on-point it was. I have been trying to get back on track with my weightloss journey for a while now and need all the motivation I can get. It’s good to know that I am not alone, and if a busy wife and mother like yourself can get it done, then there is no excuse for a single girl like me!! I hope you keep us posted as you discover what works for you and share your successes. I finally subscribed to the blog on my own, so I am looking forward to your next post!

  12. Ok Diana, don’t threaten me with a good time lol a new outfit is great motivation…seriously though, I just have to get my mind/body retrained to wake up at 5:30 am again
    …I have to confess, I did set my alarm for 5:30 this am, but I hit the snooze so hard, I almost broke my hand lol…..I will try again tomorrow – I think an Operation Get Your Body Back fb page is in order, with you at the helm……..

  13. OK! Chocolate Mom, I’m joining the challenge. I shall commit to exercising 3 days a week. I need to lose 45 pounds. I’ll check in bi-weekly to let you know my success. Love. Aunt B

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