A Day at the Library

A week before Disney re-released Beauty and the Beast, Morgan reminded me that her home library was missing that classic tale. I’m not quite sure how we missed that one, but I decide we’ll make an adventure out of it. We’ll get the little bookworm a library card of her own and borrow Beauty and Beast. “I’m so excited,” she says. She raises both hands in the air, palms to ceiling and says “oh yeah, I get a library card.”

Well obviously I should have researched the library system a little better before making that promise. The night before our big trip I decide to visit the library’s website to investigate what I need to bring to get my baby her very own card. To my chagrin there is no information about the qualifications for a library card. But to be sure, it can’t be too difficult. I mean, what would they require a picture a id, a credit card for incidentals, a drop of blood, the promise of one’s first born?

After I drop Morgan off at school I call the library and am informed immediately that you have to be 5 years-old to get a library card and able to sign your own name. This seems a bit outdated to me. Morgan is almost 3 and can print her own name, well sort of, so why the archaic rules for the public library? Now how am I going to explain this one?

As soon as we get in the car after school, she says “are we going to the library now to get my card and the book?” I pause, because I am contemplating how to break the news. She repeats herself with a smile bright enough to light up a room. So I tell her that we are on our way to library and before I can finish she yells “hooray, hooray.” I interject her excitement to tell her that the rules say that she has to be 5-years-old to have her own card but she can use mommy’s card to get the book. As I suspected, she is adamant that she wants her own card.

When we arrive, her excitement grows and I find it cute that a library trip is to blame. When we walk in, she is in awe and says “wow look at all the books in here.” I try to keep her focused and direct her to the line as I promise we can peruse the shelves when we finish.

As we’re called to the front the desk I tell the lady I am there to get a library card. Morgan is tugging at my leg begging to be raised up so she can see. I sit her on the desk as she asks me for my photo id.  Morgan interjects and reminds the lady that this card is for her. Luckily the librarian plays along and I continue to lie to baby girl and tell her that I am signing her name on the card, but I have to be responsible. This she seems to buy but insists that upon signature that I give her my temporary card. After all, it’s hers right.

Now it’s time to find the children’s section. She insists on opening the door herself, walking in front of me and obviously thinks I am just a tour guide on her library adventure. After asking a thousand questions like why do they have computers, why is it so quiet, what’s that boy doing, I direct her to the help desk to ask for Beauty and the Beast. Without hesitation the not so friendly woman in the children’s library walks us to the Disney section picks up the book, stamps our return date and send us on our way.

As we are leaving Morgan reminds me that I said “we could see ALL the books.” She walks slowly through each isle, picking up at least a dozen books asking “What does this say?” She stops when she sees an M in the title and reminds me that’s the letter in her name. Then we stop in the study room and she asks if we can read her book and we do; three times. I am so ready to leave the library and I’m wondering why we have to take home a book we just read three times in a row.

Who knew that encouraging a love of reading would be so exhausting?

When we get home she asks me to read it again and then every night until movie day and every night for about a week after we’ve seen the movie. When the excitement dies and the book wears off, I remind her that the book is not hers and we have to return it. She asks if we can buy her one of her own. Next time, Amazon here we come.



4 thoughts on “A Day at the Library

  1. That is too cute! It’s great that Morgan has a love for reading. My kids are 11 and 8 and still love to go to the library. Our library has self check-out and I give them my card to swipe and I let them scan their books. They always walk out with a look of pride while hugging their stack of books as if they are guarding precious treasures. As a Library Media Specialist, I think it is wonderful for parents to start taking their children to the library at an early age. It’s unfortunate that the Librarian or assistant was not very friendly. That would have been a great opportunity for her to give Morgan a “tour” of the Children’s section. I still remember the “not so friendly” librarian from high school. Hopefully Morgan didn’t notice her attitude.

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