Smurfs By Candlelight

My husband and I used to do Valentine’s Day BIG. When we met nine years ago he coerced the ladies in my office to let him in. He changed my screen saver asking me to be his Valentine, covered my office with rose petals and topped it off with a cute stuffed animal that held a silver bracelet that I still cherish. Then there was the year of the diamond tennis bracelet, but mostly it was our getaways. I still remember being whisked away to New York City to see the Color Purple on Broadway. We cherish those memories and affectionately refer to it as the pre-babies stage.

Two babies in we laugh to keep from crying at how our days and holidays have changed. Morgan crept into our bed somewhere around 2 a.m. on February 14th.. Apparently, she wanted to be the first to wish her mommy Happy Valentine’s Day. Not to be upstaged, my 6-month-old son joined the party a little after 3 a.m. and again at 6 a.m. (the later was daddy’s turn). I woke up reluctantly about 8 a.m. to husband and baby heading out to brave the elements and stuck to wake up a still knocked out sleeping beauty to get ready for preschool.

My husband made it back just in time to give his baby girl her special Valentine from her “honey” before the 25 guaranteed from her classmates. She loved her singing balloon, flowers and a plant. I too was pleased as punch to receive my flowers and tulips (my favorite). Now my husband and I had already discussed postponing our Valentine’s Day. We had not planned a sitter, had not made reservations, it was Tuesday and really, “we got babies.”

However, he made a great lunch for me and Morgan and we let her decide our dinner fate. After much thought she asked for Chinese and a movie. Baby G didn’t wait up for the excitement; he was out like a light about 4:30 p.m. Now, I suppose like most 2 ½ year olds my daughter can watch the same movie over and over. This Valentine’s Day she decided on Smufs, which she had the privilege of seeing months ago with her daddy in the theatre on a special daddy daughter date. Somewhere between Gargomel’s wizardry and me trying to catch up on how smurfette ended up with 99 male smurfs, the two adults in the room start laughing. It’s amazing how things change from jet setting across the country to being perfectly content to watch a kiddie movie with our toddler. How will Valentine’s Day 2012 make the history books? We call it “Smurfs by Candlelight.”


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