Where do I begin. Hands down, my favorite time of night is bedtime, not because of the end result, but because of the true quality time I get to have leading up to it. Every night like clockwork at 7:30 p.m. my entire family makes the pilgrimage upstairs. My hands are always full with a cup of milk, bedtime snack, bottles for middle of the night feedings etc…Baths are up first, hubby takes baby boy, I take ME. We bathe them at the same time and meet up in ME’s room for reading a few books, dancing to a few songs, reciting the Lord’s prayer together, hugs and kisses and Garrett takes Baby G to his room and I lay beside ME in her toddler bed where we discuss our day, the rest of the week, who got in trouble in school that day etc…She refers to this as “mommy time.” I LOVE it.

Well tonight began with regular stuff, Eli got in trouble for putting soap on the bathroom floor and had to go to time out. Then we moved to the week’s calendar. Wednesdays are always exciting cause that’s dance class day. So I started with that, then I moved to Friday being opening night of Beauty and the Beast and how we should go to the movies. She reminded me that she has not read that book, so I said how about we go to the library tomorrow and get a library card and borrow the book so we can read it before the movie comes out. She smiles, throws both hands in the air and says “I’m so EXCITED.” I laughed at her excitement at getting a library card. Patting myself on the back right now…lol.

Then we moved to Saturday. So I say on Saturday we have a birthday party for Martin Luther King. Now I know she knows about him because she has a book she reads about him. But I wasn’t ready for what came next. She asked me if he would be there. I told her no, because he died. She sits up in her bed looks at me and says “He died? That’s really sad news.” I acknowledged the sadness. She asked me how he died. Which this is surprising because I never talked with her about death, somewhere she has picked up the sadness associated with leaving earthly loved one’s behind. Truthfully I wasn’t ready to explain King’s death to a 2 year-old, but I did the best I could on my feet. I say to her that MLK talked with a lot of people about loving each other and not fighting and some people didn’t like it and a bad man shot him in the head. She said “Oh no, how come the doctor couldn’t fix his boo boo?” So I say that it was too late to fix him by the time he got to the doctor. I then say it was sad because a lot of people loved him and he had daughters like you. What did I say that for, cause then she says “he had daughters?” “What were their names?” I’m stumped! I can’t remember for the life of me, so I yell to Garrett whose now downstairs chilling, to google MLK’s daughter’s names. I guess curiosity brought him up to join us and to remind me that their names are Yolanda and Bernice. She says oh, Yolanda and Bernice. She then asks us where is MLK now, so I say he is with God in heaven, she said can we see him. I told her no. She asks if we can see him in the sky? So I let her get out of bed and go to her window and I was a little disappointed because it’s kind of cloudy and you can’t really see a lot of stars, but she did manage to see one and her excitement was all over her face. “I see him, I see him.” I was trying my BEST not to cry. I tell her it’s time to go back to bed, it’s getting late. She asks if she can bring her MLK book with her and I couldn’t deny such a request. In the whole 2 years my child has been on this earth, and as much as she loves books, she has NEVER asked to sleep with one. She put the book on her belly and said “I love Martin Luther King” and kissed his picture. I told her he loves her too and told her it was time to close her eyes and go to sleep. WHAT an AWESOME little girl, I can only pray I can live up to what she needs to continue to grow.



33 thoughts on “MET and MLK

  1. Awesome!!! I look forward to reading your blog often. When I received the email this morning about Bedtime with Morgan I was in awe. If only the adults in the world has as much compassion about life and her thirst for knowledge, the world would be a much better place. I Thank God for giving you & Garrett the gift of Morgan, and that I was Blessed to be apart of your lives and able to experience this. The picture of Dr. King & Morgan above speak VOLUMES!! She will be our First African American Female President ! Watch Out World, Here She Comes-Morgan Elizabeth Taylor!!!!

  2. This was my first time reading your blog. Truely awesome!! I got started reading it and couldn’t stop.I look forward to the next Mom and ME episode(smile). She is truely m-y great-niece. I think she’s ready for our Black History Program at church on Sun, Feb5th @ 3pm.
    Aunt Faye

  3. Wow!! That was beautiful. I did not want this to end. I knew nothing of this blog until my sister insisted that I read it. She said it was awesome and she was right!! I look forward to reading more. Great jog!!!

  4. That was an incredibly moving and inspiring story. I suppose this is one of the many, many joys and challenges that come with parenting. You guys are so so blessed.

  5. Ok for some reason i’ve been up since 4:30am and decided to read this blog. It was well worth it. I felt as though i was there.Morgan is something special. Not only does she make me want to pull out my MLK book and refresh my memory but she also makes me appreciate life just a little bit more. What a blessing. You’re right, out of all the titles a person can hold, nothing compares to motherhood. You’re doing a phenomenal job..Keep it up!!!

    • Hey Tonya, Thanks for stopping through. The great thing about technology is that you can read something what ever time you choose. People often ask when o I have time to write, the answer is at 4:30 a.m. when the whole house is quiet as a mouse and I can’t seem to go back to sleep either. I tell myself winners get up at 4:30 a.m., just make me feel better. LOL, hope you come back for updates, maybe later in the day next time so you will be well rested. Happy New Year!

  6. Hi family, I am absolutely thrilled by your blog. What a wonderful inspiration it, you and the entire family are for the world. Thanks for sharing this. I knew the moment we meet of your strength. Be encouraged that your life will be enriched. Love

  7. I think i just found my new favorite blog! Oh and i have no doubts that you will live up to what she needs to continue her growth. Seems like you are doing an awesome job:)

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